January 29, 2006

Tlahuapan (Puebla), 29.01.06

GPS Track Video

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GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 116.2 Km, Ascent: 1602 m, Time: 5:30 hr, Avg Speed: 20.9 Km/hr, Max Speed: 64.6 Km/hr

Travel Report:

This ride was made with the company of two fellow cyclists, although they choosed to return back to Mexico City once we had arrived at the Llano Grande summit, where we had an excellent meal.

Having started this ride at 08:20 at the terminal La Paz, we told ourselves farewell in Llano Grande (elev: 3220 m) at 12:00, with me (again) as the sole cyclist still wishing to make the round cycling ride to the town of Sta Rita Tlahuapan (elev: 2600 m), in the eastern state of Puebla, at the other side of Llano Grande.

I rode that 600 m descent to Tlahuapan. Once in that picturesque town, I headed towards its main square, where its beautiful church, municipal palace and local market are located. You can have a view of this red-brick stunning church (interiors included) and also of a religious procession at the photoset.

Once I had finished my photo session, I headed back towards the paid highway, this time in western direction, to Mexico City. I started that 600 m ascent from Tlahuapan to the Llano Grande summit at 14:17, arriving at the summit at 16:03, riding downwards after that. The cycling ride finished at the eastern terminal of La Paz at 17:29, with full diurnal light !

Ah, please don't forget to view the GPS track video shown above, as this was the first of its kind that I was able to record :-)

Thank you for reading. Till the next journey.