March 13, 2007

Cuauhnahuac Museum, Cuernavaca (Morelos), 11.03.07

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Distance: 82 Km. Climb: 1064 m. Time: 3:06 hr, Average Speed: 26.2 Km/hr, Energy expended: 15.52 MJ, Cycling Power: 347 W

Travel Report:

This ride started at 10:30. I took the free highway to Cuernavaca and reached the Cuauhnáhuac Museum, in the center of Cuernavaca (Morelos state capital) at 13:10. Once there I proceeded to enjoy a detailed (and photographic) visit to this incredible Museum.

The Cuauhnáhuac Museum is housed in the oldest civil building in the whole country, with more than 450 years of existence. Another peculiarity is that there are three buildings built on the same site, one atop the other. First the Tlatlocayacalli temple, built by the indigenous Tlahuica people. Then came the Aztec conquest, which built the Cuauhnáhuac temple, over the Tlahuica building. Finally came the spanish conquest, which built the Cortés Palace (spanish conqueror Cortés residence), over the Aztec temple.

In the first room of this museum there are exhibited the bones of some prehistoric animals and also some obsidian prehistoric tools. In the following rooms are displayed a lot of pottery artifacts and ceremonial figures.

In the exhibitions are also presented stone buildings, as a Ball Game, religious statues, stellas, petroglyphs, sculptures, sacrificial offerings, paintings and even some Codex strips.

In the upper floor the murals painted by the famed muralist painter Diego Rivera can be appreciated. They are beautiful :-)

I think that all the Cuauhnáhuac museum riches can be best seen than talked, so I would kindly invite you to see them in the photos (and associated descriptions) lovely taken this time, at the following:


On my way back to Mexico City, when I was reaching the Zapata Monument in order to take the free highway to Mexico, I decided that it was too late to attempt to return by bike, as it was almost 17:00 (I had taken a lot of time to visit the Museum !), so I aborted my cycling ride at that position and instead took a bus to Mexico :-(

(If you would be interested in a round Mexico City - Cuernavaca Center - Mexico City cycling ride, please have a look at my last week ride)

Thank you for reading :-)


Anonymous said...

The photos and info are very interesting, but because your blog is so "big", it takes a long time to load, especially with the maps. I would suggest not having so many posts show at once so it would cut on the time it takes to load.

Happy riding!

Mz M

Anonymous said...

Great tour for all enthusiasit

ladyluck3819 said...

hi. I saw ur entry in google groups and I am paying a visit ;)
You have a nice blog, will come back if I want to make a trip in ur area!

sunshine said...

I have view your blog,I think,very interesting blog.Cloud you please make a small map? I think,it will better.And back groud is black it's hard for my eyes.But if you like that do not change.Be yourself.

Take care,


Unknown said...

I lived in Mexico City in the early 60s, so when your postings started appearing in the Phred blogs, I took note. I find your linkage of media and GPS interesting and really appreciate seeing photos of the contemporary Mexico. I will spend more time with your site when I can.

Dave West