July 24, 2005

Cuernavaca (Morelos), 24.07.05

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Travel Report:

This was my first inter-urban, solo cycling ride in the highways ! It wasn't mean to have been rode solo, but as when I wake up that Sunday the cycling group I used to ride with had already departed, I had to make the route alone.

I decided to take the free highway to Cuernavaca, although the group has used the toll highway. I choosed the free highway because it is shorter, with only 70 Km between Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

When I arrived at the Cuauhnahuac Museum, in the center of Cuernavaca, it was a surprise to me meeting there the cycling group ! I had been able to make up a 3 hours delay and meet the group in Cuernavaca ! Not bad for a beginner, huh ?

After that, the group return to Mexico City via bus. I remained a little more in the city in order to eat and have a look at the city. I also returned to Mexico City via bus.

Thank you for reading. Till the next travel.

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