April 09, 2006

Mexico City - Queretaro (Queretaro), 09.04.06

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GPS Track: GPX (MapSource, et al.) or KMZ (Google Earth)

GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 208 Km, Ascent: 1082 m, Time: 8:05 hr, Avg Speed: 25.7 Km/hr, Max Speed: 65 Km/hr

Travel Report:

This ride was the first stage of a three-stage cycling ride, spanning six states and a grand total of almost 500 km, in three days, covering the route Mexico City to San Juan de los Lagos, in Jalisco.

The purpose of the whole ride was to participate in the annual pilgrimage to visit the Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, departing from the Mexico City area. Although I am not a religious believer, I was interested in knowing the social phenomenon of a cyclist pilgrimage. And of course, I was also interested in participate in this cyclist pilgrimage in particular :-)

In the first day of the three involved, the route cycled was the paid highway to Querétero, from Mexico City. This was the longest and hardest stage of the three, as it involved a distance of 210 Km and an ascent of almost 1500 m.

Five cyclists started this ride from the Independence Angel in Reforma, taking later the road to Tlalnepantla and Cuautitlán. In the toll station of Tepoztlán we could find a lot of cyclists that were going to make the route.

Along the route there were a lot of trucks that were giving food and water to the cyclists :-)

After our arrival to Querétaro, we took time to visit this beautiful colonial city.

Thank you for reading. Till the next travel.

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