May 14, 2006

Ocotepec + Cuernavaca (Morelos), 14.05.06

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GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 160 Km, Ascent: 2130 m, Time: 7:45 hr, Avg Speed: 20.6 Km/hr, Max Speed: 59.4 Km/hr

Travel Report:

This ride was mainly a round trip Mexico City - Cuernavaca - Mexico City, with a visit to the town of Ocotepec, very near Cuernavaca. I went to Cuernavaca from Mexico City by the paid highway, and returned using the free highway :-) Since then I do prefer using the free highway, as I had a close encounter with a double truck on the paid highway (it touched my hand over the handle bars with its rear part. Thank God this gentle touch was harmless).

The town of Ocotepec, near the entrance of Cuernavaca is a beautiful one, with an ancient and beautiful convent. As I had to cycle my way back to the DF, as soon as I eat something, I went to the Zapata monument in the entrance of Cuernavaca in order to take the free highway to Mexico City to return.

I passed on my way back: the road to Huitzilac, Tres MarĂ­as, and Parres before arriving safe at home :-)

Thank you for reading. Till the next journey.

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