May 21, 2006

Taxco (Guerrero), 21.05.06

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GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 182 Km, Ascent: 2100 m, Time: 7:44 hr, Avg Speed: 23.5 Km/hr, Max Speed: 63.1 Km/hr

Travel Report:

This ride started at 06:00 in the Independence Angel, on Reforma. From that position started 3 cyclists. I guess they cycled along Insurgentes in order to take the pay highway to Cuernavaca. I, as usual, started by my own side the ride, finding them eating at Tres MarĂ­as, over the pay highway. Once we were all ready, we continued our travel to the south, reaching soon Cuernavaca, but continued along the paid highway. In this way we circled the city.

Our descent continued all the way towards the toll collect station of Alpuyeca, reaching with no problems our lowest point in the route: Puente de Ixtla (900 m). We stopped at that point in order to eat something and to refill our water bottles.

Ahead of Puente de Ixtla remained an ascent of 1,000 m in order to be able to reach Taxco ! So we continued our trip, reaching the last town of Zacapalco (alt: 1250 m). Here we stopped again to eat again, as the heat was overwhelming. Zacapalco is the last town before taking the paid highway to Taxco.

Here we probably made the mistake of taking the paid highway to Taxco, since the ascent proved to be a very exhausting one. The heat was horrible, and there were no towns or shops along this highway. We somehow managed to climb to an altitude of ca. 1900 m, passing a town named Rancho Viejo in our way.

If someone would like to remake this route, I would recommend instead to take the free highway to Taxco, since there must be towns and shops to buy water or food.

Once we had climbed all the way to pass the sierra that separates the Guerrero and Morelos states, comes a nice (and much needed) descent to Taxco. The vistas are stunning !

One in Taxco we proceeded to the Santa Prisca Cathedral, situated in the center of Taxco, and later we went to the local market in order to eat. After that we paid a short visit to the silver shops that had made Taxco famous. The buses to Mexico leave early (I think about 18:00) so we had no so much time to tour in Taxco :-( Maybe the next time :-)

Thank you for reading. Till the next journey.

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