July 02, 2006

Tepeji del Río (Hidalgo), 02.07.06

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GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 140 Km. Ascent: 560 m. Time: 4:52 hrs, Avg. Speed: 29.2 Km/hr, Max Speed: 64 Km/hr

Travel Report:

Although this ride was planned as a collective one, I had to start it late. So I could not join my friends at the rendezvous point and have to ride alone from my house along the route, with the hope of reaching them later.

I had luck and after the toll collect station, at Km 45 of the highway to Querétaro, I took notice (via mobile phone) that my friends were behind in the highway. As I took a short way to reach the highway, I had overcame my friends :-) So I waited in that position for them, arriving no more than 10 minutes later.

On the road I could observe a lot of cyclists ! I guess that as this road in relatively plain (compared against the roads to Toluca, Puebla or Cuernavaca), it is one of the beloved routes by a number of cyclists. I missed a lot the climbings, anyway ... A propo, on the Hidalgo statue I saw some friends of another cycling group (the Tezozomoc group), maybe changing a tube. As I was riding downwards, I couldn't stop to greet them :-(

After Km 57 comes a descent of almost 200 m to the city of Tepeji del Río. In the entrance of the city, 2 of our friends (Gabriela and Daniel) decided no to enter in the city. Instead, they decided to turn back immediately to Mexico City (just as most of the cyclists that ride to Tepeji). So, we (Luis and me) said farewell to them and continued the trip to Tepeji, arriving there at Km 66.

Tepeji is a small but beautiful city that still retains its old atmosphere. After a short visit to its Municipal Palace (beautiful indeed), we headed to the Franciscan convent, which badly deserved a visit. It is huge and precious ! After taking some shots, we decided it was lunch time, so we cycled to the local market, where a tasteful meal was well appreciated :-)

After our meal, we decided that it was time now to ride back to Mexico City. So we climbed those 200 m in order to get out of Tepeji. Obviously this is not any hard climbing, but the hardness of the sun at that particular hour, certainly didn't make it a walk in the park. Once we arrived at the Hidalgo statue, that hard part was behind.

On the return leg of the trip, we rode this time by Cuautitlán and Tlalnepantla, an easier way to get back home, as the climbings are here almost non existent. We arrived at Mexico City without any trouble.

Thank you for reading . Till the next journey.

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