October 02, 2005

Tlaxcala (Tlaxcala), 02.10.05

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GPS Cycling Data: Distance: 103.2 Km, Ascent: 1140 m, Time: 4:50 hr, Avg. Speed: 21.2 Km/hr, Max. Speed: 58 Km/hr.

Travel Report:

This ride started at the eastern sub-urban train terminal La Paz. From there I took the paid highway to Puebla, leaving it at the Texmelucan deviation. From Texmelucan I took the paid highway to Tlaxcala, in what probed to be an expensive mistake (time wise), as for when I arrived at the toll collect station of this highway to Tlaxcala, I was not allowed to cross the station, not even paying the fee as a car ! What the hell ! I was obliged to circle the toll station by the country-side. This turn around costed me more than an hour, since there was no easy way to circumvent that station.

Once I could find again the highway to Tlaxcala, it was a piece of cake arriving at Tlaxcala. A gentle rain was my companion in this last leg of this journey to Tlaxcala.

After a short walk around the center of the city, having a look at its beautiful buildings, which include the Cathedral and the Government Palace, my wife (who had arrived before me as she was not cycling) and I decided to dinner at the Portales of the city, in a restaurant whose taste probed to be an exquisite one :-) You can have a glimpse of those beautiful colonial buildings in the center of Tlaxcala at the following photoset.

Thank you for reading. Till the next travel.

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