August 21, 2005

Tula Archaeological Site (Hidalgo), 21.08.05

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GPS Cycling Data:
Distance: 78 Km, Ascent: 426 m, Time: 3:11 hr, Avg. Speed: 24.4 Km/hr, Max. Speed: 51.3 Km/hr.


This ride started at the northern Rosario Metro terminal. From there I took the road to Tlalnepantla and later to Cuautitlán, merging myself with the paid highway to Querétaro after passing the Lechería thermo-electrical power plant.

I crossed along the route: Coyotepec, Tepeji del Río and the Jilotepec deviation. After Jilotepec I took the Tula deviation. Once there, stands a small climbing, but after that, the road is mainly plain.

Once in the city of Tula, I headed immediately to the Tula Archaeological Site, but as I had started the ride really late back in Mexico City, at my arrival at the archaeological site, I found it closed :-(

You can have a look at the few photos that I took along the road at the previuosly linked photoset.

I hope soon to be able to re-make this route, now departing at a decent hour from Mexico City, so I could enter at the beautiful and really interesting Tula Archaeological Site.

Thank you reading. Till the next travel.

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