September 04, 2005

Xochitepec (Morelos), 04.09.05

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GPS Cycling Data:
: Distance: 94 Km, Ascent: 915 m, Time: 3:54 hr, Avg. Speed: 23.9 Km/hr, Max. Speed: 67.1 Km/hr.

Travel Report:

This ride started in the southern Metro terminal Taxqueña. From there I took Tlalpan and later the free highway to Cuernavaca.

I stopped briefly at the Mirador Restaurant sightseeing point, in order to take some photographs of the incredible vistas from the whole Mexico City valley there attainable.

Later on along the route I crossed: Parres, La Cima summit, Tres Marías, Huitzilac, and Cuernavaca. From Cuernavaca, I took the paid highway to Acapulco, reaching soon Alpuyeca. It was only a short leg from here that i found the town of Xochitepec.

This ride was intended to arrive at the Xochicalco Arcaeological Site, but it was then too late to arrive at the site at opening hours. So I had to cut short my cycling ride and had to finish it at the above mentioned town of Xochitepec, nearby Alpuyeca.

In Xochitepec I paid a visit to its beautiful Main Plaza, church, Municipal Palace and Morelos enormous statue.

My wife, who had independently travelled (not by bike), could had a glimpse of the gigantic Xochicalco archaeological site. Her photographs, along with mines of the cycling ride, can be seen at the previuosly linked photoset.

Thank you for reading. Till the next travel.

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