March 21, 2006

Teotihuacan Archaeological Site (Mexico), 21.03.06

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GPS Cycling Data:

Distance: 115.4 Km, Ascent: 391 m, Time: 5:24 hr, Avg. Speed: 21.3 Km/hr, Max. Speed: 61.3 Km/hr.

Travel Report:

This ride was a joint ride with the Biciosos cycling group. It was programmed for that date (March 21) in order to celebrate the start of the spring equinox. We hoped to be able to enter at the archaeological site, free of charge, as this date was a festive one. Unfortunately, the entering rules have changed and free admission is allowed only on Sundays, and not merely on festive days. As this March 21 was festive, but no Sunday, we were not able to enter for free in the archaeological site. So the majority of the group decided against paying for the entrance. In this way we went instead to eat in some restaurant around the site.

The ride started at 08:00 at the Independence Angel, on Reforma. As usual (unfortunately) I had to start this ride by my own side, as I started my ride really late, I think at about 09:00. So I ride and ride along the route with the hope of being able to reach the rest of the cyclists along the road. I took Insurgentes, and later the paid highway to Tulancingo (Hidalgo). It wasn't until a few kilometers before the deviation to Teotihuacán that I could reach the rest of the group ! Well, at least, I was not more alone on the highway :-)

We entered in the commercial zone of the site. There was a lot of people ! As that day was the beginning of the spring equinox, the whole site resembled like a carnival ! People from all sort of livings we arriving and gathering together in order to celebrate this very date. Maybe I don't share the same new-age feelings or believings as them, but it was certainly fun to see the most extravagant people in the same place :-) You can have a look at this curious spring carnival at the following photoset.

As we couldn't enter in the proper archaeological site, we went for a good meal in the surroundings. After the meal, we decided to start our trip back to Mexico City. This was accomplished without problems, as this ride is certainly an easy one: just 50 Km or so and an almost null climbing, as the terrain is practically plain. We reached our destination without complications, arriving at about 18:00.

Thank you for reading. Till the next journey.

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